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Read more about this case has asked us to create a “tablet on board” iPad app to help their crew with flight related tasks. The app lets crew download flight briefing packages, fill in flight reports, and store reference manuals. By giving the crew an easy to use and practical tool, and M2Mobi have provided a genuinely useful service.

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If you ask people about their visit to a hospital, they usually start about their health, or worries about a loved one they are visiting. Besides this, they mention basic practical things. They know the medical staff is doing its utmost to care for their patients, but why is it so hard to park your car and find the right place to go? Why should all kinds of small things add unrest to an already stressed visit? It shouldn't. That is why we did this project with the AMC (Academic Medical Center).

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Knab is a brand new bank that wants to do things differently . They want to be more accessible, open and transparent. They want to create a bank that listens, looks good, is social, always available, and always in your pocket. Together with Knab we defined a strategy from a 'mobile first' perspective.

Of course the app gives you fast and secure access to all your accounts and deposits, but this app does more. You can find the closest cash machine, get real-time info about your accumulated interest, and you can even access it immediately by using interest cashing. It is packed with useful features and tricks, easy to use for first time users, but also contains more advanced features for the power user.

Augmented Sign Interpreter

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Chinese travelers are a growing group of passengers flooding Europe’s airports every day. They can be big spenders, but how do you get them to do that when they can’t find anything? A large percentage of the Chinese travelers have difficulties understanding the English language.We developed a mobile app to facilitate the growing number of Chinese travelers and visitors of Schiphol and Aéroports de Paris in a user friendly way. The application, for iPhone and Android, uses innovative Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

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Our collaboration with Heineken started in 2008, when Heineken sponsored the Dance Valley Festival. In 2008 and 2009 they asked us to make their mobile festival guides.

We continued our event guides for Heineken with the Holland Heineken House app for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. In 2010 we also built the e-app loyalty program, and their mobile website. Our latest additions are the Extra Cold Compass, mobile campaign action sites, and there is more to come.

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Schiphol is one of the largest and most innovative travel hubs in the world. It is a small city. For Schiphol it is an ongoing challenge to keep improving their high level of service, lead position in airport innovation, and brand image towards their 120.000 passengers per day.

When Schiphol decided to embrace the opportunity to support their passengers via mobile, they approached M2Mobi for a strategy on how to merge ‘a lot of people’ and ‘a lot of information’ into a user friendly mobile solution.

Together we created one of the most compelling and complete airport apps in the world.

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Dubai International Airport is the second busiest international hub in the world. With a monthly average of over 5 million customers the airport set to exceed their targets of 65.4 million passengers for the year 2013. With last year’s opening of the Concourse A, the airport increased their capacity to 75 million passengers a year. This will be followed with the terminal Concourse D in early 2015. Along with the expansion of Dubai International Airport, the Dubai World Central Airport is nearing completion of phase one. This world class airport covers an area of 140 square kilometers and is estimated to have a capacity of 12 million tonnes of cargo and can accommodate 160 million passengers by completion in the year 2017.

With this immensely growth it is important for the airports to keep improving the airport facilities and customer service. M2Mobi develops a world-class airport app that covers both Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central Airport.

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The New Motion, founded in 2009, offers advanced charging solutions for drivers of electric vehicles (EV) and EV-charge locations. All their activities aim to facilitate drivers of (Plug-in Hybrid) EV's to be able to drive as many kilometers on electricity as possible using, as much as possible, electricity retrieved from renewable energy sources. The New Motion's charge network is with over 10.000 intelligent charge points one of the largest, fastest growing en most intensely used charging networks in Europe. Two out of three electric car owners in The Netherlands uses The New Motion products and services.

Together with The New Motion, we have created a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android that enabled drivers of electric vehicles to find charge points all across Europe.


M2Mobi is a flourishing company, always on the lookout for dedicated new people who can join our international top team of experienced professionals. Here you can read more about our job offers and internships. Feel free to contact us about a vacancy, or send in an open application.
M2Mobi is a flourishing company, always on the lookout for dedicated new people who can join our international top team of experienced professionals. Here you can read more about our job offers and internships. Feel free to contact us about a vacancy, or send in an open application.


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Since Michiel Munneke and Michiel Baneke set up shop in 2006, the two man company has grown into an international organization of developers, designers, and consultants. Our strategies and services have helped to strengthen the bond between brands and people. We are always searching for ideas that fit the strategy, medium and target audience of our clients. By deploying our knowledge, creativity and strategic insight we devise practical solutions that keep amazing our clients and end-users.

We are proud of our big network of interesting clients and partners. Together with these customers and our team of talents we have been able to build innovative, useful and fun applications. Our customers know us as a personal and flexible agency that likes to challenge them on a technical and creative level. This is how we get the most out of our cooperation. Our customers have won several prizes for their mobile solutions, like the “Best Sport App” or “#1 Airport App Worldwide”.


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